5 Best Vinyl Siding Brands: A Buyers Guide

Posted on September 9, 2022

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5 Best Vinyl Siding Brands: A Buyers Guide

Most homeowners throughout the United States prefer vinyl siding, and for all the good reasons. Vinyl siding is a great fit for almost any type of home, no matter where you are located. If you are looking for new siding, vinyl can be the most economical, beautiful, and durable choice.

However, many homeowners find it challenging to pick a good brand from hundreds of options. The right brand and contractor can make all the difference in your home improvement project, so it is important that you do your research before making any decisions.

So to help, our roofing experts have compiled a brief guide that explains some vital things you should consider:

  • Benefits and qualities of vinyl siding
  • Top 10 brands for vinyl siding
  • Parameters to compare different vinyl siding options

Let’s begin with a quick overview of vinyl siding. This will help you understand its value and make the right choice.

A Quick Overview Of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl or PVC is a recyclable plastic that is exceptionally strong and durable. Vinyl siding was invented around 70 years back, and people still love its qualities. It is an affordable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood and stone siding. Vinyl is also very flexible and resistant to most environmental elements, and some products even come with UV reflection technology.

If you are curious about what more vinyl can do for your home, let’s look at its impressive qualities.

Benefits Of Vinyl Siding

The vinyl siding market is rising globally at an exponential rate. In the US, almost 26% of single-family homes selected vinyl siding in 2021. Below are the reasons for its growing popularity among homeowners.

Vinyl Siding Is Cost-Effective

Vinyl siding isn’t expensive to install, repair, or replace. In fact, vinyl is the most affordable siding material in the industry right now. Vinyl siding can often last for decades with very little maintenance. Vinyl is thermally resistant, and if you choose insulated siding, it can make your home more energy-efficient, reducing your energy bills significantly over the years.

It Is Incredibly Durable And Sturdy

Vinyl siding can last for up to 60 years with minimum maintenance, and having your siding professionally cleaned and inspected once a year will keep your siding in good condition for years. With proper maintenance, you can expect it to last even longer. Vinyl is a material that repels insects and is resistant to water and fire. So you won’t be worrying about pests, rot, mold, algae, chipping paint, or dents. Vinyl siding boasts another feature that most homeowners find appealing. Vinyl is colorfast; its paint remains intact for years without fading. You can call for a power washing service to remove grime and dirt without damaging your siding.

Vinyl Siding Offers Infinite Patterns And Colors

One of the most impressive benefits of vinyl is you have endless textures, profiles, and colors. You can spend your time choosing the most appealing pattern that goes with your home and exterior’s look. From plain vertical white siding to charcoal dutch laps, vinyl has a design for every taste. For homeowners who desire a new look after a few years, you are able to repaint the vinyl siding in any shade you want.

Vinyl Siding Creates A Comfortable Atmosphere In Your Home.

Vinyl siding is thermally resistant by nature, so it helps to insulate your home. When you pair it with foam, the insulated siding offers maximum heat, cold, and moisture protection. This is an excellent way to weatherproof your home from the outside, especially with high-quality vinyl. You may consider the most affordable manufacturer or installer, but the price will affect the quality of the material. Low-quality vinyl may not last long and it can crack under extreme pressure. When you are considering different siding options, it is essential to pick the right siding brand for your home.

Vinyl Siding

5 Best Vinyl Siding Brands

With hundreds of brands out there, it can be tedious to find the right one. So to help, our experts have compiled a list of the five best vinyl siding manufacturers. We will give a brief overview of each company to support our research.

1. Royal Building Products by Westlake Chemicals

Incorporated in 1986, Westlake Chemicals is the top international enterprise that manufactures the highest quality building materials and finished goods. Their brand Royal Building Products is a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding. It is also the sister company of DaVinci Roofscapes- the top brand for premium residential roofing.

2. Alside and Gentek by Associated Materials LLC

Associated Materials LLC has been one of the oldest manufacturers of residential building products serving the US and Canada since 1947. Alside and Gentek are two of the most renowned siding brands owned by this corporation. The brands thrive on innovation and excellence and offer infinite siding styles to match any taste.

3. Sibco Building Products

The brand specializes in vinyl siding and many other vinyl exterior products like windows, doors, and sundecks. Sibco was launched in 1983 and was recently acquired by Richards Building Products. The vinyl siding company continues to offer affordable and innovative choices across the US.

4. CertainTeed Corporation by Saint-Gobain

The brand offers beautiful vinyl siding panels with hundreds of patterns and colors. You can view all the available designs on their website, including the pre-insulated options. CertainTeed offers limited lifetime warranties and maintenance-free quality. Generally, a manufacturer warranty is affected by the quality of the installation. So to prevent faulty insulation and invalidation of warranties, it is wise to pick a trustworthy local contractor.

5. Ply Gem Holdings Inc. by Cornerstone Building Brands

Ply Gem is the #1 manufacturer of vinyl siding in North America. Its siding subsidiaries are Mastic, Variform, And Ply Gem Performance. They offer vinyl patterns that can stay new and appealing forever without repainting. The company aims to deliver sturdy products with the highest durability and unlimited color options.

So those are the top brands in the US, but there are many more manufacturers offering similar vinyl siding options in your area. Here are some crucial things to consider when comparing different vinyl siding options

Comparing Different Vinyl Siding Options

Siding is the first thing people see when they walk up to your house. So it’s natural that you would want it to look appealing all the time. There are so many patterns and brands, it is best to compare different siding options based on the parameters of style and quality.


Vinyl siding is available in many different looks. You can choose from a wide range of textures, profiles, and colors to customize the pattern.

  • Colors: There are classic neutrals like white, beige, and gray to bolder options like reds and blues. You can play around with different hues and choose two colors for deep contrast or a pleasant appeal.
  • Profiles are the shape of the vinyl panel or board. You can pick a style with small horizontal boards and choose long, continuous vertical boards that can be more weatherproof. The most sought-after patterns are dutch lap, ship-lap, beaded, and clapboard siding.
  • Texture: Most importantly, vinyl can imitate the natural looks of cedarwood, tile, and more. There are different kinds of surfaces, including flat and embossed finishes. Matte vinyl siding has a smooth surface, while embossed vinyl creates organic textures.

It’s good to note your favorite patterns, so this doesn’t take much of your time later on. After that, you must define the quality of vinyl siding and its installation.


Vinyl siding also varies in thickness. A thicker board/panel is more protective and durable. It also enhances the insulation of the siding. There are so many siding manufacturers in the industry, so it can be tough to pick one that fulfills all your requirements concerning the quality and style of the siding. A good brand can offer competitive products at reasonable costs and with solid warranties. When choosing a brand, consider their product specifications and price ranges, and read what they include in the warranties.

Alternatively, you can consult a local siding company with substantial expertise and a reliable reputation. In fact, it is a better and quicker process to ask professionals. Our team can help you pick the best siding for your Tennessee home.

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