7 Vinyl Siding Colors And Themes You Should Be Careful With

Posted on October 21, 2022

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7 Vinyl Siding Colors And Themes You Should Be Careful With

Choosing a vinyl siding color is a big decision for any home improvement project. There are many things to consider, and you want your new siding to look good and last as long as possible. It is also important to make sure your siding matches your landscaping and home’s exterior design. Keeping every aspect in mind, we’ve created a list of the seven least popular combinations for a home’s exterior, and we have also suggested some beautiful siding colors that make a perfect match.

Before we explain the risky combinations, here’s a background of how certain color combinations can go wrong.

What To Look For While Choosing Vinyl Siding Colors For Your Home

So, what can go wrong with vinyl siding colors and themes? When creating a new look for your home, you must be thinking about enhancing its curb appeal and resale value– the main reason people allocate their time and budget to design and install catchy siding patterns and shingles on their homes. If a color theme does the opposite, it may not be a suitable choice.

If you want to improve your home’s value and send a positive, personalized message to your neighborhood, you can do so by creating a unique and inviting appeal with your home’s exterior. Below are some things to consider when you choose a siding color:

  • Does it match with your home’s architecture and the existing colors?
  • What do you want to convey about your home and yourself?
  • What’s your neighborhood like?

We will now explain some color combinations that may not work and recommend the best vinyl siding colors for your home.

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Black Roof With White Siding And White Trim

If you have a black roof and white trim, avoid using white siding. This combination can dim the aesthetic importance of your fascia trim, shutters, and accents.

So Which Vinyl Siding Color Suits White Accents?

On a house with white trim and a dark roof, you can pick an earthy tone for your siding, such as tan, beige, light blue, or gray shades. This is a more exciting combination that adds visual appeal to your home. If you choose dark brown accents with a black roof and ivory siding, it will also give a perfect modern finish to your home.

Pairing White Siding With Light-Gray Roof

White siding and a light-gray roof will create a look that has a very bright monochromatic color scheme. It can look a little mixed up. Very little contrast can even create a muted look if your windows or doors also have similar tones.

What To Do Instead?

You can explore lighter shades of blue and brown if you have a light or medium gray roof. A darker color trim will help balance out all the lighter colors of your exterior, making it easier for you to create a beautiful landscape.

A Neon Theme Isn’t Always Playful

While it’s true that you can use neon colors to create a fun appearance, they’re usually not a popular choice for a home’s exterior. The high contrast between neon and natural colors may not reflect what you want to say. Instead of going with neon, consider other design trends that are pleasing to the eye and stand out among other homes. For example, light metals or even earth tones can create an inviting environment for everyone who looks at your home.

Want To Add A Neon Touch To Your Home?

If you want to use neon colors somewhere in your home, then be sure to add them in small doses. A few gnomes in the lawn and a neon painting inside your home are enough to make a statement without overwhelming your home’s aesthetics.

A Multi-Colored Roof With Dark Siding And Brick Accents

A multi-colored roof with brick accents can dim your siding color if the color is dark or similar. There can also be too many patterns competing for attention. Brick accents or a multi-colored roof stand out when paired with a light-colored siding. If you want more color on your home, consider adding some colorful shutters or attractions on the front doors instead of creating a fully multi-colored exterior.

Don’t Choose Too Many Colors

Many people on Pinterest have shared pictures of homes with too many colors, but in reality, most people don’t want to have such a theme. This makes a home look smaller and somewhat gaudy. If you have a red roof or trim, try pairing it with neutral siding. You can still get the feel of having two or three colors by adding in some different shades, but they will be more subtle than if you just went for bright primary colors right off the bat.

Black Siding With A Black Roof Can Be Overwhelming

Black siding and a black roof can be an odd combination. While the dark hue of both elements can be impressive in their own right, they can create an overwhelming look for your home when paired together. The darkness of the house will be just too much for some people and can cause them to feel as though their house looks shady or ominous. If you’re considering a bold or dark combination, consider medium gray vinyl siding with a black roof and create a balance by having white or brown trim. Brown accents will reflect a modern cabin house feel.

Avoid A Siding Color That Clashes With Your Landscape

Keep in mind that the color of your siding can also affect the feel of your landscaping. For example, if you have a lot of flowers and greenery planted around your house, consider choosing a pastel color for the siding. Pastel colors are soft and subtle, which will not overwhelm your landscaping but instead complement it beautifully.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where trees surround most houses (or even if there are just a few), choose a shade that’s not green. You can even pair your environment with a blue and gray theme to blend in with nature. It’s better than white or dark combinations because they don’t fit the natural look.

This may seem too careful, but it’s easy to create a good theme for your home’s exterior. Here’s a little guideline for you.

How To Pick A Color For Your Vinyl Siding?

These days, most homes have vinyl siding. If you want to stand out as well as look welcoming, choose a calm and popular color combination rather than bold and blinding themes such as very dark or bright looks and neon shades.

We are sharing some adaptable guidelines for choosing a roof and siding combo that will complement each other:

  • Earth tones (cream, clay, beige, and sandstone) look best when paired with dark brown roofs. This is because earth tones are warm hues, so they don’t look good when paired with cool-toned roofs like slate or pewter gray.
  • Gray siding is an excellent choice for a darker-colored roof and white trim because it’s different from other elements yet toned down. Also, it doesn’t clash with anything else in your home’s exterior design. It works exceptionally well with white, brown, or charcoal-colored accents, shutters on your house, and colorful landscaping.

The best way to create a vinyl siding color combination is by consulting a reliable siding contractor with a good reputation and substantial experience.

Do You Need Help In Deciding On A Color For Your Siding?

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