Is Your House in Need of Some Updates?

If you've been thinking about making changes to your home, we're here to help.

At Trusted Roofing, we offer a wide range of exterior home repair services, so we've got you covered whether you're looking to replace your siding or gutters, or anything else.

We know that not everyone has the same needs for home improvement projects, which is why we offer various options. Whatever your project is, we can help! We also have financing options available so your project can get started as quickly as possible.

We understand that there's a lot of information to process and decisions to make when it comes to remodeling projects. We offer a free consultation service with our experienced team of professionals. We'll walk you through every step of the process, and we can help you decide which options are right for your home and budget.

Our Exteriors Services


We can install new windows, or we can replace old ones with energy-efficient options that will save you money on your monthly bills. We also offer custom windows that can be designed to fit your exact specifications.

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If you want a gutter system that will last for years, we're the right company for the job. We provide top-notch gutter services at reasonable prices—and we'll help you choose the perfect gutter for your home so it looks great from the outside.

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Our team has experience working with vinyl and aluminum siding. Both materials are long-lasting and easy to maintain. They also come in many colors and styles, so you can choose something that fits your home's exterior design.

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Fascia & Soffit

Fascia and soffit are the outermost parts of a building's exterior wall. The fascia is the part of the wall just below the roof edge, while the soffit is located above the exterior siding. We can install a new fascia and soffit system on your home to protect your walls from water damage, mold growth, and more!

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Skylight Installation

Skylights are a great way to introduce natural light into your home, and we're experts at ensuring you get the best possible results. We'll help you choose the right skylight for your needs, and we ensure it's installed correctly. If you already have a skylight, but it's not functioning as well as it could be, we offer expert repairs too.

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We are committed to providing our customers with the best home exterior repair services possible.

Trusted Roofing is proud to be a locally owned business serving homeowners in Nashville, TN. Our company was founded on four principles: integrity, honesty, reliability, and respect for our customers' needs. These principles continue today as we strive to stay at the forefront of our industry by offering superior products and services that always exceed expectations!

At Trusted Roofing, we believe that providing an excellent customer experience is the key to success. We treat every customer as if they were our only customers, because we know how important your satisfaction is. Our attention to detail and commitment to listening closely to what you want will ensure that your vision becomes a reality!

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