Everything You Need to Know About Fascia & Soffit

If you're like most people, you probably don't think too much about the soffit and fascia around your home. But if you've ever had a roof leak or seen signs of mold or mildew in your attic, you know how important it can be to keep these areas clean and dry.

So what are soffits and fascia? Soffits are the lower portions of a wall that extend beyond the exterior walls of your house. They're usually made out of wood, metal, or vinyl siding. The purpose of these soffits is to protect the window openings from rain and snow damage while allowing ventilation into the attic.

Fascia is the boards that run horizontally across the rooflines. The purpose of fascia is to protect them from water damage due to leaking gutters or downspouts. Fascia also provide an aesthetic element by enhancing the appearance of your home's exterior finish, and helping to prevent moisture buildup in wood framing members such as rafters or joists.

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Benefits Of Fascia Board

Fascia boards are a crucial part of any roof. They hold the gutters and downspouts in place, which prevent water from leaking into the area beneath the roof deck itself. They also cover up the rafters and prevent pests and other animals from entering your home through the attic. Finally, they provide curb appeal by covering up exposed ends of rafters and unsightly tar paper or other materials used to protect against leaks. If a problem develops, it could be a sign of structural damage somewhere in the system.

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Why Should You Get A Soffit?

Soffit vents are cost-effective to improve attic ventilation and protect your home from water damage. When ventilation is restricted, heat and moisture build up in your attic. This can lead to many problems, such as ice dams in the winter and corrosion of metal roofing components. Proper attic ventilation also helps prevent pests from nesting in the attic, which can cause structural damage. The benefits of having soffits in place in your home are twofold: for one, you'll be able to protect your home from water damage. Second, you'll keep harmful insects out of your attic space.

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